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What is ZebPay and how does it work?


What is Zebpay Service?

Zebpay IT Services Private Limited is an independent limited company incorporated under the laws of India. This company has its own register office, which is located in Ahmedabad. The persons who take advantage of the services of Zebpay directly or indirectly are called Zebpay consumers.

What is Zebpay App?

In today's time bitcoin cryptocurrency is becoming a very famous digital currency. This virtual currency is being bought a lot by the people. Virtual currency is called the currency which we cannot see and touch. In today's time, anyone who has money wants to earn profit by investing it in the right place. 

If you too are looking to invest your money at the right place, then Zebpay is the place for you. Through which you can invest in bitcoin cryptocurrency. Although the risk is very high, still there are many people who want to invest in it and for the same people today we are giving detailed information about Zebpay in our article.

How to avail the services of Zebpay?

If you wish to avail the services of Zebpay, you may use any of the Zebpay Android App, Zebpay iPhone App or Zebpay's website www.zebpay.com etc. 

When you open your account using any of Zebpay's services, it is addressed by the name of User Account. If you want to become a user of Zebpay, then you need to know that the offer, amount offered by Zebpay, has a pre-determined time limit.

What is the Scope of Zebpay services?

  • Currently Zebpay offers its users registration to use cryptocurrency, so that they can use it. Now users will be able to trade or trade cryptocurrencies among themselves in the upcoming services of Zebpay.
  • Subscriber Cripp through ZebpayOne can invest his money in it by buying a token and it can also be sold if needed. Zebpay is not subject to any type of investment law.

How to create Zebpay account?

To create a Zebpay account

  • First, you have to first download its app on your phone. After that you have to authenticate it by entering your mobile number in it, which is done by sending you a one time password.
  • Now you have to enter all the necessary information like name, address, pan card number and email id in it. 
  • While creating Zebpay account it is important to keep in mind that the information provided by you must be correct.
  • You also need to provide your account number to use Zebpay service.
  • When your account number is verified after 24 hours and if correct, your Zebpay account is activated, through which you can buy and sell bitcoins.

What is the Drawbacks of Zebpay Service?

If you are planning to invest your money through Zebpay service, then you should know about the information related to Zebpay services. Below we are giving you important information related to Zebpay-

  • Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold through Zebpay, at the moment we can only buy and sell bitcoin cryptocurrencies using it. Zebpay also has a number of drawbacks such as, Zebpay is neither the creator of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, nor is its management in the hands of Zebpay, nor is Zebpay responsible for its price in the global market. Zebpay is only a tool for the use of cryptocurrencies.
  • Zebpay makes no warranties of any kind in its services. Customers availing the services of Zebpay acts entirely at their own risk. Zebpay will not be responsible for any loss caused to the consumer. Zebpay also makes it clear in its Agreement that no warranty of any kind is given by Zebpay.
  • The Zebpay service can be used only in India, with this, the consumer is strictly forbidden to spread his business to some parts of India. There are also many places in India where cryptocurrencies are not recognized.
  • Users of Zebpay should be aware that till now cryptocurrencies have not been recognized for any kind of trade or payment in India, Reserve Bank of India has also instructed to be cautious about the use of cryptocurrencies by holding three press conferences so far. is.
  • Zebpay may partner with another organization to make its services easier. In this case, the personal information of the consumer is also passed on to that other entity and Zebpay does not take any responsibility for the confidentiality of the consumer's data at this time.
  • All Zebpay rules will be same for all new and old customers. Zebpay is free to modify its Terms at any time, the written notice of which is sent to its customers. If the Customer does not agree to these changes, he/she may immediately decide to leave the Zebpay Services. And if the consumer does not do so, it means that he agrees to all the changes.

ZebPay's QuickTrade:-

To use QuickTrade, select the crypto pair you are interested in buying or selling and place an instant order on ZebPay. After receiving your order, the exchange will validate all your details and bank account.

ZebPay will also verify issues such as rates and circuit limits to protect users from price fluctuations and any unexpected surprises. As a result, it is possible to avoid any unwanted incidents during the transaction process of your Quick Trade order. Upon successful completion of this stage, the buy or sell order will be successfully executed and you will immediately see it in your account.

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