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New and Notable: What I Read This Week—Version 177

research of the week

Wearing a mask, even at rest, appears to increase CO2 to extreme levels.

Eating more protein during weight loss prevents muscle loss and increases the overall quality of the diet.

In patients with advanced kidney disease, a very low protein diet is of no benefit.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is devastating for babies (and everyone).

More strength, less depression.

The more species you see on the coast, the better you feel.

New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primal Kitchen Podcast Episode 29: Childhood Behavior and Preconception Care with Ari Calhoun, a pediatric naturopath

Primal Health Coach Radio: Chandler Walker

media, shmedia

I am not optimistic.

Lettuce is the most common cause of food poisoning.

interesting blog post

Why are we basing food policy on terrible, unintentional, often inaccurate data?

Trees are good.

social notes

Because it’s not about the environment,

Let kids be kids (and learn from them!)

everything else

If you exercise, your blood is anti-cancer.

The usefulness of strangeness.

the things i’m interested in and i’m interested in

Antique Revival: Tradition often fixes things,

Agreed: To truly cure a diet-related illness, we must look inward.

Interesting thread: Population genomics in ancient Eurasia,

I’d be surprised: The Dietary Guidelines Committee can tackle ultraprocessed foods.

A tragedy on all fronts: slavery did not even contribute to the rise of the American economy.

question i am asking

are you weird?

Recipe Corner

  • Crispy shallots and shallot oil: A recipe.
  • One of the greatest salads in the world: is Laab.

time capsule

a year ago (April 30 – May 6)

  • How to Grill Everything—The Ultimate Guide—Grill Everything.
  • Habit Stacking Microworkouts (aka working out without thinking about it) – Add workouts to your life.

comment of the week

“I don’t like arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic alpha people… unless they’re my surgeons!”

Wise, PTaleo Progressive. 

Primal Kitchen Mayo

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