New Market Guide and Tips for Negotiating Contracts 2022

Photo by Paola RodriguezDuring Pitchfest in Health Journalism 2022, editors listened to freelancers attentively to their ideas.

Hello Freelancers! Many of you will be finalizing your pitches and preparing to sign contracts for the editors you met at Pitchfest during Health Journalism 2022 in Austin. To help, I’ve added some new and revised Market Guides to the Freelance Center and provided a list of resources for negotiating contracts if they contain clauses you don’t like.

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New and Revised Market Guide

Since the last blogging about Market Guide, I have added two new and one revised guide. Here are some quick summaries:

grid news

This digital publication pays $2 per word for feature articles ranging in length from 800 to 3,000 words. “Our sweet spot is the collision of science and medicine and policy,” said science and technology editor Lauren Morello. Features typically approach a story through multiple lenses, such as science, economics, misinformation, law, politics, and technology.


Leaps publishes articles about discoveries in science and technology ranging in length from 750 to 1,500 words. This not-for-profit venture pays freelancers $1 per word and a little more than some of its experienced, award-winning writers

new life

This online magazine pays between $1,000 and $3,000 for features between 1,000 and 3,500 words in length. Its audience of scientists, researchers, biohackers, entrepreneurs and trend spotters wants to know “how science and technology change the world within us – our own brains, genomes and microbiome,” according to its website.


Here are some resources if you were lucky enough to get an assignment at Pitchfest but face a tricky contract situation. The information available on these sites is not a substitute for legal advice or legal advice.

  • culture of safety, ACOS provides journalists with a contract template and supporting explanatory documents.
  • Colombia Journalist Review, Attorneys offer advice on how to understand and negotiate the three important clauses found in contracts.
  • Freelancer Union, This member organization provides step-by-step contract builders.
  • Volunteer Advocate for the Arts, Volunteer attorneys at VLAs will assist low-income artists, including writers, with intellectual property issues and contracts. Membership is required.

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