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Quest 2 Rival Pico Neo3 Link Officially on Sale in Select EU Countries – IndiaBlogger.in

Last month Chinese virtual reality (VR) headset maker Pico Interactive announced it was finally going to compete in the consumer market, releasing the Pico Neo 3 Link this month. That day has finally arrived, with the standalone headset now available for sale in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Image credit: Pico Interactive

Pico is labeling the launch as “beta,” limiting both regions as well as allowing customers to purchase only one Neo 3 Link. Retailing for €449 EUR, the device offers both standalone and PC VR connection capability, so owners can either download content from the Pico Store or play their SteamVR games. When connected to a PC, customers have the option of using the cable (a 5 m (16-foot) DisplayPort cable is included) and the PicoLink software, or going the wireless route using the in-built WiFi6.

“We are incredibly excited about the beta launch of Neo3 Link. The response from the VR community at the Laval Virtual Show was excellent – ​​VR fans are really warm to our high-performance headsets,” said Leland Hedges, Pico’s general manager in Europe, in a statement. “As part of our beta program, we will also provide regular software updates and work closely with our beta community to optimize the VR experience.”

The Pico Neo3 Link sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset, with 4K level resolution (1,832 x 1,920 per eye) and 90/120Hz refresh rate. Four front-facing cameras offer 6DoF tracking and controller/hand tracking, there’s a 3-stage adjustable IPD, 6GB of RAM, 256GB of onboard storage, and a 5300mAh battery rear-mounted for better weight distribution.

pico neo 3 link
Image credit: Pico Interactive

No date has been given for the UK release of the Pico Neo3 Link, although it was previously reported that it could happen in June.

For the first time ever, the release of the Pico Neo3 Link offers European VR gamers a viable alternative to the flagship Meta Quest 2 – especially in Germany where the headset is not sold. Neo3 Link has a similar feature set to Quest 2, only it lacks Quest’s exclusive lineup of titles.

gmw3 Pico will continue its coverage of Interactive, and will report back with updates.

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