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Until You Fall Collaboration Coming To Drums Rock This Week – IndiaBlogger.in

VR drumming game Drums Rock is getting a collaboration with Shell Games’ ‘Until You Fall’ this week.

A free update for the game Will add a cover version Kneon Knightmare’s from the soundtrack to Until You Fall. It will be a heavy step up on track with the rest of the game’s tracklist and includes several cosmetic overhauls such as a game-inspired drum set, sticks in the shape of a blade, and hands similar to the player character’s until you fall.

Watch the track itself in the video below.

Drum Rock Meets Till You Fall

Drums Rock is similar to the use of drum kit peripherals in Rock Band and later Guitar Hero games; The notes flow towards you and you have to hit them in time and match them to the respective instrument. The only difference is that, since it’s VR, you don’t really have a plastic kit yourself.

Meanwhile, until you fall, Shell’s Rogue is an action game in which you run through a dungeon, facing monsters with swords. To this day it remains one of our favorite VR games and is included in our list of the 25 Best VR Games.

This isn’t the first collaboration between two VR developers we’ve seen. Earlier this month Resolution Games announced that it was working with Fast Travel Games to bring weapons from the latter’s first title, Apex Construct to Blaston.

game currently available Quest via App Lab, Are you going to check out drum rock and till you fall collaborations? Let us know in the comments below!

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