After some inspiration from a Trainer and his Arcanine, a little Pancham with big dreams is determined to prove its strength in the newest POKÉTOON short – Pokémon Blog

The POKÉTOON animated shorts are officially being localized by The Pokémon Company International. Read on below to learn more:

A tiny Pancham has dreams of glory in “The Pancham Who Wants to Be a Hero,” the second episode in this collection of animated shorts.

Strive to be your best with the second episode of POKÉTOON, now available to watch on Pokémon TV. In this adventure, “The Pancham Who Wants to Be a Hero,” we meet a little Pancham who is determined to prove its strength after being inspired by a powerful Trainer and his partner Arcanine. Pancham begins to hone its skills, and who knows? Perhaps it will even find a partner of its own.

POKÉTOON features eight animated shorts, each telling a different story and showcasing a unique art style. A new episode will debut on Pokémon TV each Friday. You can catch the first two now on watch.pokemon.com or the Pokémon TV mobile app. The Pokémon TV app is now available for Nintendo Switch, as well!

Source: Pokemon.com

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