Copy These Tips For Success In Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Mobility has never been an issue for Kirby. He’s able to fly and float just about anywhere, and his copy abilities sometimes make up for his rather slow walk speed. Kirby’s standard movest is great to rely on in most situations, but for the showdowns with the big bosses of the Beast Pack, you may need to lean on one tool that isn’t part of Kirby’s classic toolkit. By holding any of the shoulder buttons on the controller, Kirby will plan his feet, duck, and guard above his head. By pressing the left analog stick in any direction while blocking, Kirby will dodge that way. Performing a dodge while an enemy is attacking will slow down the action for a moment, allowing you to strike with a counterattack! It’s very handy to use against faster bosses but can be used to great success on any enemy in the game.

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