Get Pokémon GO Team Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, and Bags at the Pokémon Center

Show your Pokémon GO Team
spirit with this new selection of apparel, accessories, and more in the Pokémon GO Teams Collection at the Pokémon
Center. Whether you rep Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct, you’ll find the
gear you need in the look that suits you best. This collection contains a wide
range of shirts in various styles featuring the Pokémon GO logo—along with the
emblem of your chosen team. Zip-up hoodies are available to keep you warm while
you’re taking on Raid Battles, and you can top off your ensemble with a stylish
team hat. Crossbody bags emblazoned with the teams’ logos are great for
stashing gear and supplies while you’re out exploring.

There will be no doubts where your loyalties
lie when you’re decked out in gear from the Pokémon GO Teams Collection. Look
for it over at the Pokémon Center; and remember to subscribe to the Pokémon Trainer Club
newsletter for updates on
upcoming releases and other Pokémon Center news.

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