Halo series premiere is the biggest ever for Paramount 2022

Halo, the television adaptation of the popular Microsoft franchise, has set a record for Paramount+ by becoming the most-watched premiere for the streaming service.

The show’s premiere knocked 1883 out of the top slot, which is no large feat considering the series is a prequel for the rather popular show Yellowstone. Both shows were heavily marketed, and while 1883 had an association with Yellowstone going for it, the Halo campaign served a dual target for both a game fan base that has grown for more than 20 and those who like sci-fi shows.

Add in the fact Paramount worked with networks MTV, CBS, Comedy Central, BET, and Paramount Network to help attract the target audiences and it didn’t hurt that the advertising campaign kicked off with a Halo trailer dropping during the AFC Championship game where 48 million people saw the trailer that day.

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