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A dream that young Puneet Dixit saw in his hometown Jabalpur 15 years ago is finally taking shape in reality. The composer, lyricist and singer took the small screen route to realise his big screen goal. After being part of 47 TV shows, he has now turned film composer where he has penned lyrics and even lent his voice.

“I don’t come from a musical background so I started learning on my own — one thing after another. In 2013, I came to Mumbai and started assisting music directors like Lalit Sen, Sohail Sen and others. TV helped me sustain and build confidence and money that I can keep on struggling,” he says.

Things changed for him with TV show Laado2.

“I composed six original songs where I sung as well and it did very well. My original song Lakeerein from the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega got over 150 million hits. In the same show Ishq Nahi Asaan sung by Sonu Nigam was also a big hit. Since then, I have composed original songs for multiple shows.”

TV got him his first mega film venture as well. “Famous lyricist-writer Sanjay Masoom introduced me to Mahesh Bhatt for a TV show. As he is always on the look out for new talent, he asked me do a song for his TV show but said it should be like a film. So, I made a song and he loved it. Then lockdown happened and it got shelved.”

He kept doing his small screen shows and one day got a call from the Bhatts again.

“Vikram Bhatt gave me the situations for his next directorial Judaa Hoke Bhi and then I prepared songs which they loved. Out of five songs I composed four, while O Meri Jaan has been written, composed and sung by me. It’s more than a song for me as there’s feeling that I own it completely.”

Next, he is doing sequel of Raaz franchisee.

“I am doing all songs of the film which today is a dream for any composer. I am also doing film Khilone. There is something great about Bhatts that they give chance for new talents. They even tell me to bring fresh voices. So, it’s a big blessing for outsiders like us.”

He is in a happy state working in both films and TV. “Currently I have five TV shows on air, one film that is ready and I am doing a few more. God is kind!” says Dixit.

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