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Sunday WatchAlong: What Time/Day this Week??? And What Happy Over the Top Cheerful Movie Ridiculous Movie? - India Blogger

Well, the week is still super hot, and we need an electrician along with a plumber now, and our internet is going in and out constantly, and it’s all just very difficult. So, watchalong this week, only if we can think of something as happy and wondrous and wonderful as RRR. But not RRR, because we just watched that.


It’s so stupid, And there’s mountain climbing.


Super hard to find (with subs, in good quality, same length so we can watch along), but wonderful once you find it

Something Else

An Allu Arjun movie? Or something stupid I don’t know about? I don’t know, I am just so hot and stressed and frustrated with having to start this post THREE TIMES because the internet keeps glitching.

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