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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening on Father’s Day Week? - India Blogger

Happy Wednesday!!!! It is so hot here. And our basement got a wee bit of sewage backup, and the upstairs people are painting their bathroom, and everything is just topsy turvy.

I’ll start!

Reading: Anne of Ingleside! I am all about Montgomery all the time. Mixing in the Anne books with Gift of Wings.

Watching: I finished Star Trek TNG! Time to move on to Enterprise. Or is there another Star Trek thing I should move on to?

Thinking: This weekend, everything will be fine again! Basement will be cleaned out, heat wave over, painting done, I just gotta crawl through to then.

Listening: Thank you Emily for reminding me of this song! It works for Malayalis, and it works for any diaspora person, and it works for a general sort of voyaging traveling kind of people.

Okay, now question for you! What is your favorite summer heat wave song?

Yesterday when it was super hot, I retreated to “Gerua”

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