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What are the big questions a large healthcare Telehealth at CVS, Aetna - India Blogger

What are the big questions a large healthcare company like CVS Health is trying to answer when it comes to virtual care and building the healthcare business model of the future? I’ve found Dr. Craig Milford, CVS Health’s Head of Enterprise Virtual Health, which covers both CVS Pharmacy (9,000+ stores including 1,100 minute clinics) and Aetna, which provides health insurance to 39 million people.

Craig’s big concern right now: how to weave together existing care models with virtual 1) The consumer has a single front door and 2) the provider workforce – which includes everyone from pharmacists to primary care docs and beyond – coordinated and working together. As you’ll hear, there’s a lot of thinking about “pivot points,” or where patients and providers meet in a virtual-and-in-person ecosystem. The goal is to make those interactions easy and seamless – for both patient and provider alike – and we engage in the strategic thinking, clinical operations and technical base that is evolving to make those changes possible. .

For a long time, Craig believes that health care consumers have “voted with their fingers” and that virtual care is here to stay, but as part of a hybrid model in which quality and cost are combined. Still being worked on. Will the incentives to make virtual care more attractive in the healthcare system eventually be real? What kind of technology will be next to drive the hundreds of thousands of virtual visits coming from Minute Clinic or as part of the Aetna plan benefits? Here’s how one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies is pioneering virtual care. watch now!

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