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Luxury jewelry and specialty retailer Tiffany & Co. has announced that the company is planning to sell 250 non-fungible token passes called “Nftiff.” Essentially, Cryptopunk holders will be able to acquire one of 250 Nftiffs for 30 Ether, or around $50K, using today’s Ethereum exchange rates.

Tiffany & Co. unveils limited edition Jeweled Cryptopunk pendant backed by 250 non-fungible tokens

30 ETH Following was trending on Twitter Sunday afternoon by luxury jewelry firm Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) announced: “The future is here and it’s called Nftiff.” Essentially, Nftiff is a new product from Tiffany that aims to combine the beauty of digital collectibles and luxury jewelry. The company’s blog post about the limited edition Nftiff products notes that the merchandise represents a collection of 250 digital passes.

However, Tiffany’s Nftiffs can only be purchased by Cryptopunks NFT holders and a customer is limited to purchasing three Nftiffs. Buyers will get a custom-designed pendant and NFTs that resemble the jewellery. Each Tiffany’s Nftiff will sell for 30 Ethereum (ETH) on August 5th, 2022 at 10:00 AM (EST), and 30 ETH is approximately $50,481 at the time of writing. Buyers will receive NFTs, pendants and shipping after paying for Tiffany’s Brand NFTs.

Luxury Retailer Tiffany & Co. Announces Jeweled Cryptopunk Pendants Tied to NFTs
The company shared a video of a Cryptopunks-themed Tiffany & Co pendant.

“Tiffany & Co. designers will annotate each Cryptopunk in a custom-designed pendant – converting the 87 features and 159 colors that appear in the collection of 10,000 Cryptopunk NFTs to the most similar gemstone or enamel color,” the company blog post description. luxury jewelry company added:

Depending on which Cryptopunk owner purchases the pendants, each piece will use at least 30 gems and/or diamonds to create the custom design with the highest fidelity to the original NFT art. Examples of gemstones include, but are not limited to, sapphires, sapphires, and spinel.

Tiffany’s Digital Collectible Announcement and 30 Ether Cost Per NFT Spark Conversations on Social Media

Tiffany’s Nftiffs had an occasional conversation on Twitter, and many people commented on how expensive they were. “Tiffany is issuing 250 NFTs for every 30 ETH = $11 million. In this market,” one person wrote, “My desire to start a Web3 strategy consulting firm is increasing every day,” said the person. One person before Tiffany came up with the idea tweeted about the upcoming Tiffany’s NFT launch, saying they put blue-chip NFTs on jewelry. Nftjeweler.eth Told,

When I put the cryptopunks on the jewelry, everyone made fun of me. now [Tiffany’s] 250 Punk is about to leave the chains and sell each for 30 ETH.

Luxury Retailer Tiffany & Co. Announces Jeweled Cryptopunk Pendants Tied to NFTs
Jewelry crafted by crypto supporter and Twitter account Nftjeweler.eth.

Tiffany says people need to make sure they are negotiating with an official Nftiffs contract and the firm stresses that nft.tiffany.com is the only site that will sell Tiffany’s Nftiffs. Tiffany has collaborated with Web3 and blockchain cloud infrastructure company Chain and nft.tiffany.com only has a countdown timer and a link to a FAQ page.

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